Purchase a piece of gilded statement art from our online shop


 Explore Vandelli and our unique approach to contemporary gilded statement art.

So, what do we do at Vandelli? Quite simply we create beautiful gilded statement art suitable for homes, boardrooms, hotels and yachts around the world. We start with an aesthetically pleasing object (frequently a piece of wood or other organic item found on our travels throughout the Southwest) and then, using our years of experience, combine this with gold, silver and platinum leaf to enhance its natural beauty.

We also work with fabulous objects for the home, such as lamps and mirrors, and refine these with the application of leaf to add a further layer of glamour. Regardless of the piece we work on, each final piece of art is unique and finished with our signature Vandelli ‘V’ which is discretely applied. We hope you’ll appreciate the care and attention which is lavished on each and every piece we create and find a place in your home to enjoy our work.

Our work can be found in private residences across the UK including Chelsea, Bath, Edinburgh, Wellington, Topsham, Rock, Sidmouth and many more.
Take a look at our online shop and find the perfect piece of Vandelli Gilded Statement Art for you!

Purchase a piece of gilded statement art from our online shop

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