The Mayan

The luxury that is the mayan evolved from an ancient plain stump, the definitive tree rings now falling away with time like the ruins of a mansion from the gilded age.

Its natural elegance preserved ……………. it waited intriguing beguiling it pulls you in, hours of cleaning and clearing the hand burning of the fine lines around all the outer edge bringing definition to the undulations and shapes on the tough rugged outer wall.

The soul is delicately exposed on the ridge tips of the rings in gold leaf and along the way small tear drops of blood from the felling, lead the eye to the intricacy of the design and ultimately the open centre the glimmer and glint of what was a magnificent tree in majesty and glory once upon a time. now hinted at the soul though is still there. This timeless piece captures the heart enhancing life displayed on its side or flat which opens a whole new visual experience to enjoy.

Subject: The Soul
Styles: Conceptual
Mediums: Wood, gold leaf, bole, sho-shugi-ban
Materials: Wood, gold leaf, bole

The Mayan is part of the Soul Collection. For information on purchasing please contact me.